On Groups That Make Me Laugh


Hey folks, it’s Alex again. I thought I would bring some inspiring stories from the vault that is the Vampire: the Masquerade, New York Tales! Today’s focus is on the importance of always having fun during an RPG.

A group that makes you laugh, is totally unpredictable and having a positive attitude is key when role playing. As a GM it makes you more relaxed, makes you more willing to bend a rule or let someone retake a “scene” as you become more involved. As a player it is essential to being a part of game, if you can’t be yourself, relaxed and have a good time it makes for a bad experience which can jade possible future experiences within a fantastic pastime.

This week marks another epic adventure into the World of Darkness (WoD), my team … sadly not the brightest bunch. This is not to say they don’t have awesome moments. Case in point, our old Malkavian was tasked with killing a rather annoying and slightly unhinged Irish Catholic Priest. He had been given a gun and that was what I thought he would use – logical, no? Instead our Ravnos pulls up an illusion to all the mortals around to make it look like they are just quietly chatting, whilst the Malkavian stabs the target with a bullet. Yes, dear reader, he grabbed the bullet, placed it against the target’s head and… well… pushed. He then gets into the waiting taxi as the illusions drops and there is a dead Priest with a full bullet in his head.

They do have this wonderful ability to get me uncontrollably laughing. Most of my groups do, but with this recent group nothing has been more funny than a player explaining, “I’m sorry… but it’s kind of my thing, boss” to a high level and slightly unhinged prince. At the end of the game we discussed how it went, what they liked and what they didn’t. I, as the GM, also explained what I liked and didn’t. It’s reassuring to know that the group respect me as the GM and, in turn, I respect their wishes. It’s a nice group and the atmosphere is really positive. We are going to be trying to do an extended Vampire: the Masquerade play-through which hopefully we will record so all you folks can have a wee listen. More to follow on that.

I’ll try to post here every two weeks and my next post will focus on locating good quality RPG books, including those out of print.

Anyhow Ciao for now


  1. You forgot him stabbing said bullet so it went off and blew the back of the man’s head out…. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard at a man dying in a game in my life

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