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This week, I am going to share something I have written elsewhere, along with a little bit of commentary.

Earlier this year, I started reading The Dresden Files, by Jim Butcher.  The series immediately clicked with me and I devoured the first few books.

At the same time that I discovered this series of books, I was also looking into the FATE RPG system, which I was initially attracted to due to the aspect system that it uses.  Imagine my delight at this point to discover The Dresden Files Roleplaying game which is based upon the FATE system.  It was a lot of delight.  This delight grew further when I purchased the three books that make up the product line and found that the books were not only useful in explaining how to play a great game, but were also fantastic, beautiful objects in their own right.  They are expertly put together, and the little notes all over the place, written from the point of view of the characters, add another level of really cool detail.


I immediately rounded up a group to play a campaign with.  This is big for me, as I buy a lot of RPG books which are read and then languish on the shelf.  This time, only a couple of weeks elapsed between purchase and play.  I need to get better at doing this with all of my games.

I feel that I am still finding my feet as a GM, and this game illustrated both my progress and my shortcomings.  There were sections of the game that I really thought went well, such as most of the combat and interactions.  Other bits, I was less happy with, such as how the ending played out, and the overly restrictive, slightly railroaded first session.  Overall, I am definitely getting better, but I need to be more consistent.

If you would care to read how the game went, here are the links to all six of the articles posted on my own blog, Hit Somebody:

Part 1        Part 2        Part 3

Part 4        Part 5        Part 6

The FATE system was the surprise star of this whole endeavour, with players really taking to it in a big way.  In the last Vampire: The Masquerade game I ran, I found myself prompting players to make decision based on their character’s knowledge and personality, rather than their own.  In this game, I did this far less, and I was aware of players drawing on their aspects as guidance.  Statements such as “I should probably do that, because of my ‘in for a penny, in for a pound’ aspect,” which was fantastic.

That quote actually came from our kinetomancer player, who had never played an RPG before.  FATE was a great starting point for him, thanks to the relative simplicity and accessibility.  This new player said very little in the first session, but quickly got the hang of the game and actually ended up playing one of the most interesting and influential characters in the campaign.  I also got to take his leg.  That was pretty cool.

I’m currently reading the core book for FATE and some of the supplements with the intention of trying my hand at another game, possibly based on Discworld.


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