Another One Rides the Bus : Meet Andrew.

Andrew Intro

I know the other writers of the blog through a local club, so like a modern day d’Artagnan I’ve joined up to write for No Rerolls. As with them, I’m a huge fan of Tabletop games, be them wargames, RPG’s or Board games. In fact, I can remember the exact moment I got into the hobby. As with many others, it began with Warhammer 40,000.

I was around 8 or so, sitting with my mother in the waiting room in the local Doctors. Bored of whatever Mid-day program was currently on the TV, I glanced over at the magazines. And sitting there was a copy of White Dwarf, detailing the new Eldar release. Skimming through it I was hooked. Aliens! Magic! Robots! Brutal age inappropriate violence! After whatever appointment I had, I went down to the local seller , and my Mum bought me my first ever Tabletop product. 3 snap fit Eldar Guardians, with some paints. I still have them in my possession today, though back then ‘’base coating’’, ‘’thinning your paints’’ and ‘’ painting skill’’ were alien concepts to me, so looking at them now they look crap. But they were mine.

Snap back to the modern day, and I’ve expanded my horizons in the vast landscape of table top gaming. Currently I’m building up a Pan Oceania army for Infinity and GM’ing a game of Age of Rebellion for some of my friends who have never played RPG’s before this. Said game is going well. As in the players are having fun. In the actual game however it’s a miracle they aren’t all dead.Maybe I’ll tell you all about it someday.

On the site I’ll be writing a new weekly segment, called The Cover Up, Where I will proceed to judge books by their covers, to see how well the cover sells the game inside.

I’ll be back on the site next week, same Bat Time, same Bat Channel!

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