Vampire: The Masquerade Bundle at Humble Bundle

There is a fantastic Humble Bundle up just now! No, I don't mean the 2k Games one, that's just shooty-death-bang video games.  Who cares about that? The bundle to which I refer is a bundle of Vampire: The Masquerade PDFs.  You can find it over at the Humble Bundle site and your purchased will also benefit… Continue reading Vampire: The Masquerade Bundle at Humble Bundle

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No Rerolls Radio, Episode 3: What Makes a Good Hobby Store?

Our third episode sees our intrepid hosts tackling the topic of game stores - what do we want from our hobby shops? This episode also features Stuart and Alex struggling against sound issues. A lot had to be cut due to echo and there are a few spaces were we don't quite sync up and it sounds like the hosts are talking over each other. The quest to master our production demons continues! We also give a little preview of the next episode, in which we debate which version of World of Darkness is the best. If you'd like your voice to be heard in that debate, you can leave a comment on our blog at NoRerolls.co.uk (Copyrighted music by 'Chameleon' shared at http://www.SampleSwap.org) Creative Commons 'Attribution Non-commercial No Derivatives' licensed. See: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/


Finding Inspiration : Planetary

Hello and welcome to a new installment of Finding Inspiration! In the previous installment Stuart talked about how he could implement his own life experiences into a game, and I will be looking at a variety of Comics, Games, Movies and the like to see what can be taken/adapted to the Tabletop. Today I’ll be… Continue reading Finding Inspiration : Planetary


Paranoia One-Shot: Welcome to Alpha Complex (Part 2)

Paranoia!  Right.  Where did we leave off?  If you've not already read the first part of this write up, I suggest you do so now. Go on. I'll wait. Done?  Cool. Our adventure continues as the troubleshooters board the tram.  It's one of the new hover-capable ones, but it's currently set to run on the… Continue reading Paranoia One-Shot: Welcome to Alpha Complex (Part 2)