World Of Darkness Primer Part 1: The World of Darkness


This is the section of our World of Darkness primer that deals with the old (or classic) World of Darkness.  To return to the intro page, you can click here.  

The World of Darkness is a world much like out own, only far… well… darker.  Monsters hide both in the shadows and in plain sight and nothing is quite what it seems.

In 1991, White Wolf published the first edition of Vampire: The Masquerade, created by founder Mark Rein-Hagan.  This title was the foundation of the game world, but it was subsequently built upon by a number of other games that were released.  These games, such as Werewolf: The ApocalypseMage: The Ascension and Changeling: The Dreaming (among others) were all developed separately and by different teams.  This resulted in a world that was hugely varied and detailed, but also led to inconsistencies between lines, both in terms of background and game rules.

Paradox Interactive acquired White Wolf Publishing from CCP in 2015 and embarked on their rebranding of The World of Darkness as ‘One World of Darkness‘.  We’ve yet to receive much in the way of actual product, besides a couple of apps, but the following trailer was released to whet appetites for the new editions of these classic games:

White Wolf Publishing developed the following game sets in the Classic World of Darkness between 1991 and 2004.  As the guide progresses and the pages are filled out, there will be pages for each of these games giving information background, rules and more.  This is very much a long-term project, so bear with us!  Onto the games:


The range includes several sub-lines, including:

  • Kindred of the Ebony Kingdom
  • Kindred of the East
  • Vampire: The Victorian Age
  • Dark Ages: Vampire


Sub-lines within the series include:

  • Werewolf: The Wild West
  • Dark Ages: Werewolf


Sub-lines within the series include:

  • Mage: The Sorcerer’s Crusade
  • Dark Ages: Mage


Sub-lines within the series include:

  • Wraith: The Great War


Sub-lines within the series include:

  • Dark Ages: Fae


Sub-lines within the series include:

  • Dark Ages: Inquisitor





Each game is supported by a range of supplements and sourcebooks and, in recent years, many of these games have received anniversary editions from Onyx Path Publishing who work on the series under license.  Long may this continue, as their work has been fantastic and has kept the series alive and evolving in what would otherwise have been sparse and spartan times.

As new entries in this primer series are published, I will add links to the above list to each individual game section.

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