Changeling: The Lost Bundle at Humble Bundle

changeling light

We bloody love World of Darkness and Chronicles of Darkness.  These series include some of the best RPGs ever devised, as Alex and I have argued over pointed out before!

We have also written a bit about these games before.  Like, really, a lot.  Lots of pretty colours…

We also totally love these Bundles of Holding that give you a good set of RPG PDFs for a reasonably reasonable price.  Oh, sure, they aren’t all amazing, but some of them are utterly fantastic, and that is the came with the latest bundle which feature Changeling: The Lost, one of the game lines in the Chronicles of Darkness setting.

Of the bundle, Bundle of Holding writes:

Adventurer! Our fellowship of True Fae bring you the Changeling: The Lost Bundle, featuring the 2007 First Edition of Changeling: The Lost, the tabletop Storytelling Game of beautiful madness in the Chronicles of Darkness. Stolen from your home, twisted by the power of Faerie, you survived in Arcadia as the Others’ slave or pet — but you never forgot where you came from. Now you’ve escaped through the Hedge to a home that is no longer yours. With your motley of friends, your freehold, and your magic, you’ll build a new life in a world of unearthly marvels — and perils.

You can click here to visit the Bundle of Holding website and view the deal, or you could click here to visit Hit Somebody (where I regularly write about such bundles) and read my own thoughts on this fantastic deal.

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