5 on Friday: 21/07/17

5 on Friday

It’s Friday, and here on No Rerolls that means it’s time for a little digest of some of our favourite articles from the past week.  Of course, we’re slow readers, so don’t be surprised if there are some articles that are a little older – these are just some of the great articles we happen to have actually read in the past week.

They are in no particular order, so let’s get into some recommendations:

Dark Eras: Part Five @ Mephit James’ Blog – This is interesting.  The author has written a series of articles (all fantastic) that look at the various historical settings for Chronicles of Darkness.  Not just the ones in the Dark Eras book, but all of them.  For example, the first setting in the first book is New Wave Requiem, an 80s sourcebook for Vampire: The Requiem.  This latest article covers the oldest of the settings, so it’s of little surprise that Mummy: The Curse features here.  The most interesting settings for me are Three Kingdoms of Darkness for Geist: The Sin Eaters and Changeling: The Lost, as I love anything Three Kingdoms, as well as Requiem for Rome for Vampire: The Requiem (for which I have the physical books).  Interesting reads and a useful resource to have in one place.  Definitely my read of the week.

My “creative” output – talking about board games in all the places @ The Whole Nicole – The author uses this post to discuss her various writings and projects around board gaming.  The article is good, but it links to a lot of really great things.  Certainly, I’m now reading blogs I was not reading before and have subscribed to a new podcast, too.  Lots of fantastic stuff linked in here, so take look.

Coup (Indie Boards & Cards – 2012) @ Game Cabin – I love Coup and it’s great to see other people enjoying it, too.  The review gives a good overview of the game before moving on to give impressions from the author’s own game session.  Great to see someone having fun with a great game.  The review itself is a good read.  The overview is concise but covers the key points really well and the game session report gives a little personal flavour.  There’s a couple of nice pics thrown in, too.

I’m Back (To The Future) @ Miniature armies, huge time sink – Some lovely Infinity models here.  The author has gone for a beautiful, vibrant paint scheme that really pops.  Between the fantastic sculpts and cool paint job, these models look great.  They also show improvement on the part of the author, looking back at some of his earlier works.  Nice wee article, great models.  Good times!

Board Game Wish List – Pendragon: The Fall of Roman Britain @ Cardboard Clash – A long and detailed article about Pendragon, one of the games in GMT’s COIN series.  It’s not a game I’ve played, but I do have a couple of others in the COIN series that are burning a hole in my shelves.  The author is putting a lot of effort into researching games that he is considering, which is something I’m trying to do more these days as my collection is a bit bigger and I really want to avoid picking up games that won’t see much play time.  This article gives a great, in-depth look at Pendragon that sorely tempts me to pick it up.

On No Rerolls, we’ve been musing about what makes a “good” year in our hobby lives.  I’d actually really appreciate some feedback on that post, so if you’ve got time to leave a comment there it would be much appreciated!

See you next week!

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