Hobby Update 08/07/18: Prepping Paranoia

The week began with a bit of a craft project.  I printed up a deck of cards to use in my Wednesday game of Paranoia.  In addition to the printed cards, I used some other supplies.  These were a selection of sleeves and some old Magic lands to put behind the prints to give them a sturdier feel:

I must say, I’m quite delighted at how they have turned out!

They went down pretty well during the Paranoia game, too.  The game went really well and was my first time GMing in aaaages.  Like a fool – a fool! – I never got any pictures on the night.  Oh well, was still fab!

On Thursday evening I had a couple of 500 point games of Warhamner 40,000.  My first game saw my Daemons of Tzeentch fight against the Ultramarines.  Despite feeling like the match was very one-sided, the final score was a 2-2 draw.  Given how difficult I found this game, I’m happy with this score.

My second game – not pictured – was against Thousand Sons.  I managed to get a 5-0 victory in this game due to a very tough Pink Horror icon bearer!

I also got in a game of Settlers of Catan.  It’s been ages since this has got to the table, so although the game is very familiar, it was quite a fresh experience.

I won this by claiming the largest army, longest road and a handful of cities and settlements.  Good game!  

Some other guys at the club broke out Terraforming Mars.  I was playing 40K at the time, so I could not join them, but I was called over to settle rules questions and to help with the final scoring. 

They seemed to really enjoy the game, which is great.  It’s always fantastic to see people enjoying wonderful games.  

Yesterday morning we set off south to visit family.  I packed up some RPG books to do a bit of reading and see what sort of game I want to run next.  It had been ages since I had GMed, so running my Paranoia game really made me want to run more!

In looking through mu Dresden Files books, I also stimbled across some old character sheets from our last game!

Good times!  Would love to play it again!

I may or may not be around next week, as I’m visiting with family.  So might catch you, or maybe not.


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