Hobby Update 22/07/18: Red Wash Over Pink

There’s not been much goin’ on this week.  As with last week, I have been visiting family, but I had a lot less hobby time this week.

What time I did have was used for painting as I keep on keeping on with my Tzeentch Daemons.  I’ve not been making quick progress up to now, but I know I’ll be delighted when I am done.  At the moment, I am working on 60 Pink Horrors, 20 Brimstone Horrors, 9 Flamers and an Exalted Flamer:

I just have some detailing to do before basing them.  I say ‘just’… we’ll see how I do this week.

My goal for the year was 100 miniatures.  Up to now, I’ve only completed the Malifaux Hired Swords box (7 minis), Willie the Demolitionist for Malifaux and a single Primaris Space Marine to try out a Flesh Tearers colour scheme.  That gives a pitiful total of 9 minis for the year thus far.  If I can finish these, that brings me up to a much more respectable 99, with my Lord of change hoping to be my hundredth miniature of the year.

Nice to a goal, especially when it is in sight!

I did also play some D&D on Friday night once I returned from south.  We had an encounter with a vampire under a church and I got to go full Paladin and really lock down that fight.  A foe that should have been able to kick our butts didn’t get the chance!

Catch you next week!


  1. When I painted my horrors, I went with a Skittles color scheme. Given it’s for 40k, but I wanted something to make them stand out as separate units. Majority are pink, but I have blue and green as well. I found pink to be the hardest to get painted.


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