Hobby Update 05/08/18: Burn the Gooleyman!

The week started with me missing the deadline for the latest round of painting for the club’s slow-grow league.  I was not surprised to miss the deadline – I usually do.  I’m not doing well in keeping up with the timescales, but I’m happy with how the painting is going, overall.  it’s good for me!


On Monday evening, I popped down to Lybster for an evening of games.  We started with some small games, namely Love Letter, Codenames and Coup.  I did terribly in Coup, which is a pity, as it’s a game I really love.  My most fun round was one in which I started off with two captains:

coup captain

We went on to play our largest game of the evening, Dead of Winter.  The game went really smoothly, with only a few characters getting killed off and one character amassing a veritable army of characters.  I was able to complete my own secret objective (amassing books) very quickly.

In the end, out of the 5 players, 2 managed to meet all of their objectives and win, myself included.  I feel that Talia Jones, with her premonitions, cookery and jazzercise really saved the day.

We finished up the night with a 5 player game of Century: Golem Edition.  I did rather better in this than in the earliest games of the evening.  I just got a good little engine going that kept pumping out gems.

This remains one of my absolute favourite games just now.  It’s just so slick, simple and infuriating.

On Wednesday, we had our weekly D&D session.  Harrel, the Cleric of Blibdoolpoolp, is going through some changes.  His magic is changing as he slowly realises that Blibdoolpoolp is the not the benevolent Goddess he assumed She was.  As such, he finds that he is no longer as able to heal others as once he was, and instead is now calling on the power of the tempest to destroy his enemies.

Could Harrel’s path be heading in a dark direction, or will he maintain his optimism in spite of his patron’s malevolence?

On Thursday, I played a 500pt game of Warhammer 40,000.  I lost this game 3-1, but had a good time playing.  I used my Daemons of Tzeentch against an army of Necrons.


Let me tell you, it’s a pain in the arse to move units of 30 models around.  Like, really, I miss my movement trays!

Some other guys were also playing 40K, engaging in a 1000 point Thousand Sons vs. Death Guard match.

Following our 40K, we had a game of Terraforming Mars.  It was an odd game for, as I put almost nothing onto the board.  I did still manage to eke out second place among the 5 of us.

As oddly as this game went for me, I’m always delighted that each game of Terraforming Mars feels quite different.  I’m getting toward the point where I’m tempted to pick up the expansions, just for that bit more variety, going forward.

On Friday, a friend came round and I set up a table for some more 40K, this time for my first 1000 point game with my Tzeentch Daemons:

40k board

The game was fantastic, and my home board looked great.  I do need to get a bigger, 6×4 mat for these larger games, though.  I broke out the Lord of Change for this battle and my opponent used the Ultramarine Primarch, Roboute Guilleman.  It was a brutal game.

I loved this game, as it had a lot of back and forth to it.  The Lord of Change took a lot of damage early on, but then I wiped out a unit with my Flamers.  More back and forthing followed and my Lord of Change ended up squaring off against Guilleman.  This resulted in the death of the Gooleyman, leaving my Lord of Change of a single wound.


He was then finished off by the Chaplain, who was the last model of my opponent’s army left on the board.  The standard bearer of one of my Pink Horror units was the final models of mine that was left.  Close, close game!  Really liked using the Brimstone Horrors as a speedbump, too.  I did not like losing 11 Pink Horrors to a single Battleshock test, though.

A good week!

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