Box of Books

We’ve skipped our usual 5 on Friday and Hobby Update posts this week as I’m currently without a computer.  This is a particular pain for the 5 on Friday posts as the format is tricky to replicate on the mobile WordPress app.  

I have an order in for my new machine, but until it arrives, these regular features will probably not be posted.  

What I’m keen to share today though is a lovely box of goodies I picked up from Gameslore.  I’ve been good about not buying more board games, but I then went a tad overboard with this set of RPG books.  

They arrived in an innocent, low-key box…

Oh, I knew what order had arrived as soon as I saw it and I was excited.  Naturally, I wasted no time in cracking it open:  

So, although the box itself was not huge, it was densely packed with a lot of books.  It was pretty damn heavy as a result!  

The first thing that arrived was a big selection of books from Evil Hat, one of my favourite RPG publishers.  I love their FATE system, with Dresden Files being one of the best RPGs I have ever played.  As such, it was exciting to get lots of toolkits for the fate system and a couple of settings and standalone games.  

Similarly, as a fan of the Gumshoe system, it was cool to get my hands on their implementation of the system, Bubble Gumshoe.

I’m getting more into collecting RPG books? So it’s cool to really round out my FATE/Evil Hat stuff. 

Mindjammer is another great implementation of FATE, and one I have been really interested in since picking up a recent  Bundle of Holding.  The book is huge and pretty dense.  

Last summer, I picked up Tales from the Loop and loved the book, even though I’ve not managed (nor really tried, as yet) to get a game going.  With that in mind, I was keen to pick up this new book.  It’s really nice and I love the new settings and toolkit for using your own hometown as your setting.  As usual, the art is also mighty fine.  

Traveller is a game I’ve long been interested in but had never picked up.  Having heard and read lots of good stuff about the new edition from Mongoose – and loving Mongoose’s output for Paranoia – it seemed as good a time as any to jump in.  

Looking forward to reading through these books to see what I can do with them.  

Finally, more Traveller books!  To be honest, these are the books that really sold me on Traveller.  The books themselves are things of beauty and the setting has me really captivated.  If and when I get a Traveller game going, it will be a Pirates of Drinax adventure.  Cannae wait to delve into these.

Lots of new books!  Lots of reading to do!  Lots of potential adventures!


  1. Sorry for your loss. I had a similar issue last year when my ancient laptop decided to give up the ghost.

    Congratulations on your haul as I am a big fan of Traveller in all its variations.

    A big thank you for the subtle reminder for me to check Bundle of Holding as I saw Tunnels and Trolls has a new offering on Bundle of Holding. Also, GDW has 2300 AD (originally titled Traveller 2300) on Bundle of Holding. It’s not the same as Traveller, but has some great stuff that I converted to my Traveller games. The 2300 AD bundle ends in 2 1/2 hours.


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