Humble Bundle: 3D Printable Dungeons & Cities

I write about a lot of Bundles of Holding on this blog.  These are bundles of RPG books, distributed as part of a deal.  They’re great.  I don’t write as often about Humble Bundles.  These bundles are mostly focused on video games, but they have branched out to include software, music and books and comics.  They even, from time to time, have RPG bundles.  This is one such bundle!

Unlike most RPG bundles, this deal is not for PDF editions of RPGs and RPG supplements.  This one is for 3D printer files for miniatures and terrain for use with your RPGs.  I don’t have a 3D printer, but I have a friend who loves printing lots of minis for use in his games.  I think he’ll really like this bundle.

The bundle is made of three tiers.  For each tier I’ll show a gallery of the products included and then follow up with my highlights.

Tier 1 ($1)

My highlights for this tier are the Dragonlock Ultimate sets.  They give you what you need to start making up modular dungeon designs.  I also really like the Dungeon Chests and the Columns.  I’m just a sucker for nice terrain, I suppose.  For $1, you’re definitely getting a good deal, here.

Tier 2 ($8)

This tier adds another batch of cool products.  Specifically, I’m still really loving the Dragonlock Ultimate sets.  These items will further enhance and add variety to the dungeons that you may have started to design with the products from the first tier.  I also like the Werewolf miniature and the Giant Battle Crab, both of which have a lot of character!

Tier 3 ($15)

More Dragonlock Ultimate!  This will really help you flesh out your dungeon designs.  The Jungle City stuff, touched upon in previous tiers, is really developed in this tier, too.  Given that the $15 price tag for this tier includes everything from all previous tiers, this is really a fantastic deal.  I imagine it will take a long time for a 3D printer to actually complete a whole dungeon, but the finished product should look great.

This is a great bundle, and it comes at an interesting time when 3D printers are becoming more common and more practical.

As is common for these bundles, a portion of your money will go to a charity.  In this case, it’s the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society that benefits.  I should specify that this is the United States Navy-Marine Corps.

If you’re interested in picking up the bundle, you can click here to view the deal page.  It’s definitely worth considering if you have, or are planning to get, a 3D printer.

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