Bundle of Holding: Legacy

Released in 2010, Vincent Baker’s RPG, Apocalypse World has been individually very successful and, more widely, incredibly influential.  In terms of individual success, the game won a number of awards, including the 2010 Indie RPG Award for Most Innovative Game.  In the wider sense, the game has also spawned a lot of spin-off and fan titles using the engine and labeled as ‘Powered by the Apocalypse’.  Some of these have or are being professionally published.

One of these games is called Legacy: Life Among the Ruins.  This game is currently featuring in a bundle over at Bundle of Holding.  In describing the game, I’m going to quote heavily from a previous article on the PBtA system.

To start by judging a book by its cover, it’s clear that the production values present in Legacy are fantastic.  The artwork is beautiful and evocative.  It’s all very colourful and even the handout sheets, the playbooks, are things of beauty.  I think the fact that they put out an accompanying artbook is a testament to this.

The game itself is another implementation of the versatile PBtA system.  It’s still, at the core, Apocalypse World.  The GM is still reactive in his role and the playbooks are still the driving documents of the player character.  In this case, it’s even quite close to Apocalypse World in theme, but with a very different attitude.  It’s not as irreverent, nor as madcap.

This is a more positive game that Apocalypse World, lighter and happier.  That said, this tone is not consistent.  16 pages into the core book, it is suggested that tone needs to be discussed and establishes early on with players.

The first tier of this bundle gets you three items for the princely sum of $9.95:

This tier only really contains one game item, the core book.  The other items are an art book and a soundtrack for your games.  These are cool extras, of course, but they don’t have much impact on the content of your games.  The core book is fantastic, though.  As I mentioned, it’s really a beautiful production with great art and general presentation.  In addition to the core rules, the book contains setting-specific information such as families, equipment and a ton of background info.  There’s also a chapter on adapting the game for your own use and another that gives an interesting pre-generated adventure.  it’s definitely worth the price of admission.

Tier 2 is priced on a threshold which is currently sitting at $21.30.  It will get you a further five titles:

This tier features five world books, which represent a very diverse selection of different settings for your games of Legacy.  Some, like Primal Pathways or Worldfall, seem quite whimsical, whilst others, like Godsend or Rhapsody of Blood, seem more confrontation or intense.  I really like the look of Generation Ship in particular.  I think that’s the world I would run if I were to run a game of Legacy.

If you’re interested in picking up this bundle and building your own legacy among those ruins that they keep going on about you can click here to go to the bundle page.  Some of the proceeds will even go to support the charity, Mermaids.  Enjoy!

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