Throwback Thursday: Asymmetry and the Modern, 2 Player Board Game

There’s some older content on this blog that I’m rather proud of but which doesn’t really get read any more. This is natural as people are always looking for the newest thing out there. Heck, we do it every friday!

With that in mind, I reckoned it would be fun to, on the first Thursday of every month, share an older post that makes us proud. Being only the second of these posts, I forgot to hit publish last Thursday! I’ll get the hang of this eventually…

This month’s offering, submitted for your perusal, is all about asymmetry in games. This article was posted back in January 2017. This was a time of newness, back when I used to put a lot more effort into our header images:


It was also a time when we had a different layout, meaning that these images aren’t wide enough to look right in our current setup. They’re just not wide enough, y’see?

This is quite a thoughtful post (you can click here to read it) wherein I consider a few of the two player games I really like and how their asymmetrical gameplay adds to the experience. Each of the games in the post sees the players engage in a game where they each have slightly different experiences based on playing as different factions, having access to different decks or having very different roles.

All the games in the post have also held up really well for me. I still enjoy them all and they are perennial favourites in my Top 50 lists each year.

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