Humble Bundle: Orcus’ 5E Holiday Horde

These 5E bundles from Humble Bundle are becoming a regular feature!  There was one in June and another last December.  There’s no real focus to this bundle, but there’s a lot of really great content from really good publishers like Kobold Press, Frog God Games, and Troll Lord Games.

The first tier of this bundle will cost you a mere $1, but gets you the following content:

orcus tier 1.PNG

The majority of this tier consists of adventures.  Kobold Press’ An Enigma Lost in a Maze seems particularly promising.  It has the usual high production values that I’ve come to expect from Kobold Press and is a very focused, traditional, dungeon-based adventure.  It also heavily features Minotaurs.  We all love Minotaurs, don’t we?

There are another two adventures in for the of Green Frog Games’ Encephalon Gorgers on the Moon and Stains Upon the Grass by Troll Lord Games.  Troll Lord also contributes Dragons of Aihrde, a book that promises lots of dragon-based content.  Going by the preview, there’s going to be a ton of statblocks in this book.

When you buy tier 2 for $9, you will get all of the content from the previous tier, along with a lot more content:

orcus tier 2

There are a few big highlights in this tier.  The CIty of Brass book from Frog God Games is fantastic.  I’ve had this for a while and it’s just bursting with great stories and content.  The book is split into three parts with a lot of adventures crammed into the third section.  The middle section is my favourite, though.  It fleshes out the very well-developed setting of the City of Brass in the Plane of Molten Skies.

Frog God has also created a fun, seasonally-themed adventure in the form of How Orcus Stole Christmas.  Some of us can be guilty of taking our games too seriously, so adventures like this are a great opportunity for more light-hearted adventuring.  There’s also a bundle of digital resources, including maps and tokens to enhance your experience.

The rest of this tier consists mostly of adventures from Frog God, Troll Lord, and others.  These are solid publishers that put out one quality adventure after another, so I’d confidently call this tier a safe bet.

Tier three, priced at $18, contains yet more content and will also get you the content from previous tiers.

orcus tier 3

My favourite item in this tier is the Creature Codex from Kobold Press.  It’s a really nice monster manual with lots of really cool creatures.  I really like some of the Kobolds the book introduces, as well as the various types of Oozes and several different clockwork constructs.  The Lairs supplement for the book is also included in this tier, fleshing out more detail about some of the creatures and where they choose to live.

The epic mega-dungeon, Rappan Athuk is also included, along with multiple supplementary resources.  This is another PDF I’ve already picked up.  It’s a huge book that tries to recapture the epic dungeons that the original D&D was known for.  It’s very focused on being a dungeon-heavy adventure, and a damn difficult one at that.  I’m personally not a big fan of mega-dungeons, but this is such a well-developed resource that it’s enjoyable anyway and has lots of bits and pieces that can be picked out and use elsewhere.  This, again, is contributed by Frog God Games.

There’s also a lot of content here for Fantasy Grounds, a virtual tabletop system.  I’ve only used Roll20 before, but taking a look at the Fantasy Ground website, it seems promising, especially with extra content like this for specific adventures.  If you use Fantasy Grounds, it’d be cool to have access to these resources.

All in all, this is a solid bundle with a lot of cool adventures and a few bigger resources that act as highlights of each tier.  Frog God Games is, I think, the real star of this bundle, contributing some of their biggest and best works.  There’s some great content from other companies, but there really are a lot of Frog God items in here.

If you’re interested in picking up the bundle, and benefitting the (US) Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society in the process, you can click here to go to the bundle page.  It’s a pretty great bundle.

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