Board Games to Get to the Table in 2020

We’ve all got a pile of shame, that list of games that we’ve purchased in good faith but then never quite managed to get around to actually playing. I’ve got a sizeable pile of my own.

This year, I managed to cross a few games off my list, including Santorini, Fiasco, Quadropolis, and Traveller. These had all spent a year or more sitting on my shelf unplayed and unloved before finally making it onto the tabletop. They were all fantastic games which I really enjoyed. If anything, I felt I’d missed out by not playing them sooner!

So, then, what games am I looking to cross off the list in the coming year? I’m not expecting to clear my whole list, but I’d like to make a dent with a few titles.

Fury of Dracula

ffg fury of dracula

I picked this up shortly before Fantasy Flight Games parted ways with Games Workshop. A hidden movement game, this sounds quite similar to another game I like, Specter Ops. I always liked the sound of this game, with one player taking on the role of the infamous Dracula whilst the rest of the players are vampire hunters searching for the vampire across Europe.

I don’t think this would be too tricky to get to the table at a club night, as the theme is really accessible and the production values will help to draw people in.

Merchant of Venus

merchant of venus.png

I’ve had this game for a long time and other than my initial punching-out of the many, many sheets of tokens, the box hasn’t even been opened. It’s a huge box from Fantasy Flight, but the game itself is actually older, having originally been published in 1988 by Avalon Hill.

This game seems heavier, at least on the surface, than Fury of Dracula and I think it will prove a little harder to get to the table. It will also take a bit more prep work. I’ll need to know what I’m doing before I plot down this much cardboard in front of an unsuspecting group.

Gen 7


Gen 7 is the followup to Dead of Winter, a game I dearly love. Both games are part of Plaid Hat’s fledgling Crossroads series of games, wherein the ‘crossroads deck’ is used to add randomised narrative events to your games. Whereas Dead of Winter is a survival horror game, Gen 7 is sci-fi.

Dead of Winter has also proven popular at club and has been pretty easy to get to the table. As such, I think it will be pretty easy to get this game, which I’ve owned for a few months now, to the table. I’d been interested in the game for a while, but it was still a bit of an impulse purchase when I saw it going for £25. I’m sure that the game will prove to be worth this fantastic price tag!



I bought Aristeia about a year and a half ago when on holiday in London. I was keen to break into it and get it to the table. I was primed. I was buzzed. It didn’t happen.

The game is Corvus Belli’s Infinity-themed sports game. I picked it up due to my love of Infinity, the cool miniatures and my appreciation of other sports games such as Blood Bowl. The expansions are all staring at me, urging me to buy them, but I am resisting until I get a few games of this under my belt and am sure that I actually like it.

Merchants & Marauders


In all of this list, this is the game I have had in my collection the longest. Not long after I got into modern board games, this was a Christmas gift from my in-laws. It is still unplayed, much to my shame!

The game looked really intetesting, being a game where there are lots of different ways to reach your goal. Will you be a trader? A pirate? Will you hunt down other players or quietly move cargo around. Options!


dune gf9a

The newest item on my list, and one that should not be too hard to get to the table. Dune is a remake of an old classic from Avalon Hill, much like Merchant of Venus. It was released a couple of months ago by Gail Force 9.

I have long kept an eye out for a reasonably priced copy of the original, though with no success. I bought and enjoyed the reimagined and responded Rex, and I really liked that. This will be an early priority in the new year.


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