Troggs and Troggs, and a Game with the Gargants: This Week’s Hobby 14/03/22

I’m a day late with this post. What can I say; I got distracted. I did get some good stuff done, though! I’ve finished off all the Troggoths for my Gloomspite Gitz Troggoth army… sort of. I will come back to that qualifier.

The first thing I managed to finish up were my Fellwater Troggoths. These were not as fun to paint as the Rockguts, but they were definitely satisfying to finish:

I love how bright the colours are in this army. So vibrant!

Next up, I painted my favourite model in the Gloomspite range. This is the Fungoid Cave Shaman:

He’s great. There are so many cool, little details on him. I love the worm on his staff, especially. He was lots of fun to paint.

I then did the final Gloomspite model for the army. I quite like that I saved the general for last. There’s something nice about him being the last one. I also find it motivating when painting the troops, like the Fellwaters, knowing that I still have more interesting minis waiting for me when I’m done.

Resplendent in pink, I think he looks alright. I think I preferred the Dankhold Troggoth for all the shrooms he had on his back, ut the boss is still a great mini.

In addition to these 11 minis, I also took better photos of a couple of models that I had finished previously:

These were the Troggoth Hag and a Madcap Shaman. I am much happier with the new pics of the Hag.

So, I have updated the Gloomspite Gallery and that’s the Troggoth section of that particular project done and dusted, innit? Innit?

Well, no. There are some Kruleboys allies that I really want to get done for them. I was intending to take a break from Troggs for a bit, but I found myself sitting wondering what to paint and they were to hand. I just made a start on them:

Okay. I guess we’re doing this. I’m aiming to get at least one of these lads done by Tuesday evening. I kept most of the Sloggoth crew separate for painting, but I wish I’d done some more subassemblies for these minis. I don’t normally work in subassemblies at all, so that should tell you just how useful it would be!

I didn’t go to club this week. That usually means no games for the week. On Saturday though, I went out to a friend’s home and we had a game of Age of Sigmar. I used my Sons of Behemat whilst he used his Flesh-Eater Courts. He was keen to start streaming for his TikTok channel, so we played on camera.

I never took photos of the game! Damnit! I just totally forgot. It’s a pity, because this was my first game with the Sons of Behemat since I finished painting them! The only picture I really got was this one, showing pretty much what was left of each army at the end of turn 5:

As noted above, the game ended 26 to 19 to me. Really, it should have been 26 to 21, as he made a silly mistake early on, announcing Ferocious Advance as his battle tactic and then not actually carrying it out. If I’d noticed in the moment, I’d have reminded him, but it was only realised when doing the scoring at the end of the turn.

In terms of my own play, the Mega-Gargants did pretty well. I lost the Kraken Eater quite late in the game. This is a pity because he’s my favourite, but he’d done his job. Eventually. After failing at it for a couple of turns. The two Warstompers survived to the end and held the central objective in the final turn. The guys I did not use well were the Mancrushers. I feel that the scenario contributed to their ineffectiveness. In this scenario, The Vice, the objective start off in the corners and move towards the centre of the board.

I had a Mancrusher in each corner and resolved to keep them there once they had claimed the objective, largely to deter and block any summoning that my opponent might have done via the board edge. This meant they were largely useless for much of the game as they moved in alongside the objectives. The third Mancrusher was deployed too far forward and too isolated, and was left open to an early charge from a Zombie Dragon which just slaughtered him.

That Zombie Dragon was infuriatingly tough, by the way. It survived the onslaught of the Kraken Eater with 2 wounds left, denying me my Bring it Down battle tactic. This was the only battle tactic I failed, but it was especially annoying as I took down the other Flesh-Eaters monster, a character mounted on a Terrorgheist, on the board in that same turn! Sadly, I’d identified the Dragon as my target, so didn’t get the points.

A good game, and very close in the first 3 turns. It swung decidedly my way at turn 4, and I started taking out the characters. It would have been handy if I’d managed to do this before all the summoning, but it just wasn’t possible. After making the mistake of leaving a key character exposed in our previous game (allowing an angry Kragnos to charge into and destroy his Vaghulf), my opponent was not going to make that mistake again.

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