Ghouls, Vampires, Daemons: This Week’s Hobby (18/04/22)

I’ve gone back and forth between posting these updates on Sundays and Mondays. I think I’m going to stick with Monday, as Sunday is often quite a good hobby day. Anyway, onwards!

I’ve spent a lot of the week working on conversions. I managed to finish all the building (minus a few shields) for my Soublight Gravelords army. I think I’m most happy with Neferata and the first 20 Grave Guard. Here’s what I’ve gotten done:

The Blood Knights were a lot of fun to put together, too. I just love those Demigryph models! Oh, and the Wight King. He was great.

Still on conversions, I had mentioned last week about planning a Flesh-Eater Courts army. Well, I’ve managed to do the four characters for this army. Again, the only thing missing might be a shield or two…

Since this post, I’ve also made a bit of progress on painting the Ghoul King on his “Terrorgheist”. I can’t really do the basing until my flower tufts arrive. I would like lots of flowers to help with the idyllic feel of the lands that these noble beings believe that they inhabit. Here he is so far:

I only finished one model this week (as opposed to the 62 I finished last week!), but at least it was a biggie! I painted up Be’Lakor, the Dark Master, First Prince of Chaos:

Perhaps he’s a little bright, I don’t know. I am really keen to try a mixed Daemon army, so I’m excited to get him finished up. In the interest of pursuing this army, I’ve also built this chap:

And that’s me for this week. I’m hoping to have my Ghoul King finished next week. We’ll see if I manage anything else.


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