More Conversions with Crypt Ghouls and Blue Scribes: This Week’s Hobby 26/04/22

Woops, a day late with this one! I haven’t managed much painting in the past couple of weeks. I’ve only actually finished one miniature this week. Still, at least it’s a pretty sizeable one:

Honestly, I’m a lot happier with the basing than the actual model. I’m really chuffed with the basing. The model is fine, but I wanted the basing to set a tone for the army, and I really think it does.

Beyond this, I’ve mostly been doing prep work. The first thing was finishing the building of 40 Crypt Ghouls for the deluded Flesh-Eaters:

These are based, as I previously said, on Fireforge Games’ Foot Sergeants with Crypt Ghould heads stuck on. I also had to build some necks, just because the backs of those heads are hollow. Although the ghouls are not really known for their brains, I didn’t want their heads to be entirely hollow. It really felt like this build took forever. It just dragged. There was so much cleanup, so many pieces… ugh. The necks were the least of it, and I actually enjoyed that stage.

My other conversion from this week is a bit different. A while ago, I bought the resin miniature for The Blue Scribes. I built it. I dropped it. It shattered. Damn. I’ve now put together my own version. I was able to salvage some parts of the model and I took other bits from a Burning Chariot kit:

It’s a bit busy, but then that’s kind of what I was going for. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, really.

Finally, I also did some spraypainting:

Okay, a lot of spraying. Lots of stuff in the queue…

Oh, and I also got a game this week! This was my first game with Be’lakor and his boys:

A solid win! My opponent actually got a really good turn 1 and managed to box me in, denying my any objectives at all. I managed to break out in the second turn though, which let me start really spreading some mayhem. The only unit I lost was a group of 10 Bloodletters. The Horrors survived pretty well, though very much by the skin of their teeth with one unit being reduced to just a couple of Brimstone Horrors! Good game, all in all.

This week, I’d like to average out to at least one miniature per day. We’ll see what I manage.

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