Age of Sigmar: Maggotkin of Nurgle

Started with the intention of giving me an opportunity to smash together some Nurgle and Sylvaneth kits for the Daemon side of the army. One these conversions were mostly done, the Maggotkin were very much placed on the back burner until the local gaming club, The Northern Knights, ran a “Clash of the Gods” event. This prompted to me to put aside my Gloomspite Gitz for a little while and just power through the Maggotkin, finishing the 2,000 (ok, 1,965…) point army within 3 weeks. Well, I finished the majority of the army within 2 weeks, but the Glottkin then took another week. That’s a chunky miniature!


Great Unclean Ones

Horticulous Slimux


Necrous Mulchfinger, Jolly Parasite of the Putrid Contagion

Sloppity Bilepiper

Botchulodium Bilebelly, Swollen Pus-Bag of the Bubbling Blessings

The Glottkin


Plaguebearers (30)

Beasts of Nurgle (6)

Feculent Gnarlmaw

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