Chapter Contest Entry: Omega Hawks

Core Information

  • Chapter Name: Omega Hawks
  • Chapter Symbol: Omega (lower case)
  • Gene-seed: Ultramarines (assumed), 13th founding
  • Chapter Master Name: Autokrator Pericles
  • Codex Adherent: Very
  • Favoured Tactics: Siege Warfare
  • History / Interesting Information: The Omega Hawks are a chapter with a long and proud history. Their homeworld of Attica is barren, with city states fighting over it’s meagre resources. The Chapter Autokrator rules the planet, with his 10 Strategoi ruling each of the 10 largest city states. Competition is encouraged between the companies to drive out weakness from the chapter.

Expanded Lore

The Omega Hawks served with distinction during the Indomitus Crusade, destroying countless Chaos strongholds along the Great Rift.

There are no surviving records of the chapter’s founding. They believe they are derived from Ultramarine gene-seed and they keep close ties with the other Ultramarine successors.