Warhammer 40,000: Necrons

WIth the release of Indomitus at the start of 9th edition, I jumped on the new Necron miniatures. I decided on the sandstone scheme that had appeared on the Midwinter Minis Youtube channel and went with it.

Here’s the army as it stands:



Ahmakep the Undenied, Hateful Malefactor of the Obscured Monolith

Royal Warden

Tholageaph the Malevolent, Worless Warden of the Forgotten Pylon


Tlazehk the Outcast Thrall, Wretched Revenant of the Ancestral Necropolis

Skorpekh Lord

Kothahnep the Cruel, Shackled Vestige of the Sunken Pylon

Catacomb Command Barge

Anrephokh the Inevitable, Wordless Lord of the Unknowable Distortion

Illuminator Szeras


Necron Warriors (Flayers) (20)

Immortals (Tesla) (5)


Cryptothralls (4)

Skorpekh Destroyers (6) and Plasmacytes (2)

Canoptek Reanimators (2)

Fast Attack

Tomb Blades (3)

Canoptek Wraiths (3)

Canoptek Scarab Swarms (12)