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Review: Ten Candles

Ten Candles is a game I have been vaguely aware of for some time.  I knew that it was vaguely horror-based and that it was played with, yes, ten candles.  Beyond that, the first thing that kept popping into my head was actually the John Hughes movie, Sixteen Candles, starring Molly Ringwald.  It's a pretty… Continue reading Review: Ten Candles

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Review: Changeling C5 (fan-made)

The 5th edition of Vampire: The Masquerade brought with it a plethora of changes in rules, tone, and art direction.  Of these, the change in art was the hardest for me to swallow but, having now played a fair of this edition, the style does fit the tone.  I've also gotten used it and no… Continue reading Review: Changeling C5 (fan-made)

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Review: World of Warcraft 5E

We've not done many reviews here. It's just not something I've felt particularly... qualified to do. I don't think this is fair, and it probably speaks my own self-esteem and how I see the value of my own opinions. That said, about 1500 words into this article I paused, took stock and realised I was… Continue reading Review: World of Warcraft 5E

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Reflections on Tabletop Scotland 2019

This weekend I made the long journey south to Tabletop Scotland.  This is the second year that the show has run, but it's the first time I've attended.  A few people from our local club went along last year and loved it, so I was keen to visit this time.  All in all, from my… Continue reading Reflections on Tabletop Scotland 2019

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Review: Sellswords

Sellswords was recently recommended to me in a comment on this blog (click here to visit the article).  The recommendation was based heavily on my love of Triple Triad, the card game from Squaresoft's Final Fantasy VIII.  I took the recommendation and picked up the game but, as it is very different to Triple Triad,… Continue reading Review: Sellswords

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Supplementary: Goblin Markets for Changeling: The Lost (Audio Edition)

You know, the original poem - which can be found by clicking here - was so hastily written, largely in desperation at getting some initial content produced for this blog, that I never even noticed the sheer amount of typos and other little mistakes throughout.  I do cringe a little bit at the points where… Continue reading Supplementary: Goblin Markets for Changeling: The Lost (Audio Edition)

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Supplementary: Goblin Markets for Changeling: The Lost

This is the first of what will be a regular feature in which I will cast a critical eye over an interesting RPG supplement.  Oddly enough, I'm going to begin with an air of finality as Goblin Markets, the final title in the Changeling: The Lost line, is today's topic.  Here is the cover of the book… Continue reading Supplementary: Goblin Markets for Changeling: The Lost