My Collection

Gamers, whether they are into board games, miniatures games, roleplaying games or video games, are usually avid collectors. I am no exception to this, and the purpose of this page is to catalogue my collection(s).

Board Games

The best site to record and manage your board game collection is the venerable Board Game Geek. BGG lets you record your collection and share it with others. I have been really bad at updating plays. I went through short periods where I record my plays but, generally speaking, I didn’t. I’ve recently changed this, using the BG Stats app. I will be better!

You can click the BGG logo below to visit my collection at their site:


Roleplaying Games

I wish Boardgame geek and RPGGeek – both run by the same company – would just combine their collection pages. I should say that the bulk of my collection has been bought in PDF format, but I don’t record those on RPGG – I keep that for physical books only.

Click the RPGG logo below to visit my RPG collection:


Miniatures Games

Warhammer: age of Sigmar

Warhammer 40,000