Chapter Contest Entry: Solis Basilisks

Core Information

  • Chapter Name: Solis Basilisks
  • Chapter Symbol: White dragon on a black backdrop, see pictures.
  • Gene-seed: Salamander
  • Chapter Master Name: Ibrahim ibn Sinan
  • Codex Adherent: No (see below)
  • Favoured Tactics: Aggressive, unorthodox, one-man-army.
  • Chapter Traits:
  • Battlecry: The Sleeping Dragon / The Unbroken
  • History / Interesting Information: See expanded information below.

Expanded Lore

The precise founding of the chapted is unknown, but thought to be around the 11th or 12th either during or after the Interregnum schism that threw most of the Western Reaches, where they were based, into civil war.

The chapter world was situated on a moon of a gas giant (Ghāuzar Prime)  orbiting (at extrene distance) Draco Kholkis, a white dwarf star located on the far Western reach of the Imperium.

The star was so close to the Chandrasekhar limit that it has started to collapse , dimming drastically while flooding the nearby system with random busts of radiation as it transitions to the early stages of a black hole.

Despite recieving little heat or light from the nearby star, the  gravitational deformation of the crust of the planetoid caused due to tidal forces exerted from the gas giant , caused  constant volcanic activity make the surface a hellscape of magma and fire, a feature echoed in the chapter armour colours and iconography. Their standard is a White Dragon (Draco Kholkis, the sleeping dragon) on a black background.

Before the events that saw the sundering of the Galaxy, the Basilisks were a mostly Codex Compliant Chapter that protected the explorator fleets and subsequent colony worlds that stretched out into the dark of the Western Reach.

like their Gene-sires the Salamanders. they took the protection and leadership of the worlds under their care extremely seriosuly, the majority of companies established outposts among the burgeoning populations of these sometimes harsh and unforgiving colony worlds, which in turn provided  a steady supply of recruits back to their Chapter-world.

Their fortunes however changed drastically with the event of the Cicatrix Maledictum.

Warp energies feeding directly into the core of Draco Kholkis casued the star’s collapse to drastically accelerate, and the resulting supermassive black hole ripped spacetime for lightyears around it, destroying the chapter-world and the majority of their fleet.

The remnants of the Chapter, scattered throughtout a dozen different systems with no hope of reinforncement or reprive, found themselves under seige by waves of Demons, Xenos and Traitors, eager to exploit this sudden vulnerability.

When finally after centuries of total war, they were finally reached  by Cawl’s fleet, less than a hundred of the Solis Basilisks remained, and a very different chapter than they had been.

Their diminishing numbers and constant conflict had made the marines that survived superlative one-on-one combatants, willing and able to use any and ever tool at their disposal for survival. Embedded still within these ravaged communties they were revered champions, Gods of War that stood as the last bastion between them and the encroaching dark.

Company and squad markings had long been eschewed for personal combat achievements, comabt honors, and lists of their fallen comrades, armour patched, pitted and scarred through centuries of constant use was a patchwork of recovered and recycled parts, heavy damage to every suit of power armour worn, evidence of near-fatal wounds on almost every battle brother, they still stood.

These Brothers, veterans now revered by the chapter as “The Unbroken”, form the backbone of the rebuilt chapter, one based on the doctrines of single combat and unorthodox methods that have already resulted in several investigations by the Inquisition. 

Refreshed in strength and numbers they persecute their campaign to reclaim all that was lost and bring security to the sector.