Chapter Contest Entry: Terran Invictors

Core Information

  • Chapter Name: Terran Invictors
  • Chapter Symbol: See Image Above.
  • Gene-seed: Imperial Fists
  • Chapter Master Name: Severos Sirus
  • Codex Adherent: Yes
  • Favoured Tactics: They use overwhelming Firepower from range to destroy their targets and enemies before picking off the remains.
  • Chapter Traits: Master Artisans
  • Battlecry: absit invidia (Absent from Envy)
  • History / Interesting Information: Formed on Terra originally from members of the upper class households. Having learned their skills and tactics going into the Underhive with their superior technology and weapons to hunt down the gangs. Chapter Master Severos Sirus had a unique talent for this, going into the Underhive several times and coming out with more kills than any other member before him.

Expanded Lore

Their standing on Terra has led them to be very arrogant and believe they are better than everyone else and closer to the Emperor. On the battlefield they believe in using their superior technology and firepower to overwhelm the enemies just like how the chapters leaders would do in the Underhive, picking off any stragglers or retreaters without mercy.