Chapter Contest Entry: The Blazoned Warriors

Core Information

  • Chapter Name: The Blazoned Warriors
  • Chapter Symbol: A clenched fist wreathed in flames.
  • Gene-seed: Unknown.
  • Chapter Master Name: Hyleus Vantor
  • Codex Adherent: Yes.
  • Favoured Tactics: Close quarter fire fight and heavy use of flamer weapons.
  • Chapter Traits: Hungry for Battle, Rapid Assault
  • Battlecry: Forged in fire. Quenched in flame.
  • History / Interesting Information: See Expanded Lore

Expanded Lore

A Torchbearer Fleet of Ultima Founding Primaris Space Marines were sent to the home world of The Blazoned Warriors to meet up with their First Born brethren.

When the fleet transitioned out of the warp into real space it came upon the sight of their home world besieged by a great Ork fleet and a Space Hulk had crashed on the surface of the world.

The Primaris Marines jumped straight into action to break the siege on their new home world and to rescue their brothers.

The Primaris Marines battled hard and fought their way through hordes of Orks to the Fortress Monastery.

When they broke through the final pack of Orks they came across fewer than 100 First Born Marines left defending the chapter’s most inner sanctums.

With the battle won and brothers now formally met the First Born voted and raised Brother Sargent Hyleus Vantor from the ranks of the Greyshields to become the new, and first Primaris, Chapter Master.

Since that heated day Hyleus has sought out Orks where ever he can and vented vengeance upon them with Flamer and blade to honour his fallen brothers.

The remaining First Born have become the Forge Guard, and elite cadre within The Blazoned Warriors to be deployed mostly within Terminator Armour or to man the few remaining vehicles that their Primaris brothers cannot operate.