Chapter Contest Entry: The Claws of Man

Core Information

  • Chapter Name: The Claws of Man
  • Chapter Symbol: Three Claws, fanning out. See above. The attempt on the model is closest I can get with my shaky freehand!
  • Gene-seed: Ultramarines. Some specifically adapted geneseed, see lore entry “The Children of the Tyrannic War”.
  • Chapter Master Name: Davan Yeomid
  • Codex Adherent: Yes.
  • Favoured Tactics: Subterranean combat. Missions on Calth have necessitated increased use of flamers.
  • Chapter Traits: Rapid Assault
  • Battlecry: For“For Calth, for Ultramar, for Guilliman!” is the battlecry of the Claws of man.  Since Guilliman’s ascension to the role of Imperial Regent, this is sometimes amended to “For Calth, for Ultramar, for the Regent!”
  • History / Interesting Information: See Expanded Lore

Expanded Lore

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