Chapter Contest Entry: The Imperial Stalkers

Core Information

  • Chapter Name: Imperial Stalker
  • Chapter Symbol: cross hair with red dot in centre 
  • Gene-seed: Ravenguard
  • Chapter Master Name: Kasovar Vassorian
  • Codex Adherent: Yes, mostly standard markings except only one shoulder for company marking
  • Favoured Tactics: hit and run or stealth
  • Chapter Traits: echo of Ravenspire and shadow masters
  • Battlecry: for corvus, honor after death
  • History / Interesting Information: See extended information below

Extended Lore

founded in the late 41st millenium          “for corvus, honor after death” 

a successor chapter of the fist founding chapter the raven guard

follows the rights of passage like the first founding chapter and there master, kayvaan shrike.    hit and run tactics and stealth missions are thenpreffered mothod of combat, lead by chapter master Kasovar Vassorian

they have a fortress monastary on thier homeworld on one of the moons of planet Thao. the moon comes with it own difficulties with its own species of xenos  and mutant heritecs  worshiping false gods. aswell as the  planets frozen wastes  and harsh storms meaning that human life cannot live there unasisted, resulting in a mostly mechanised planetsry defence force.   the astartes of the imperial stalkers originaly bore black power armour like there founding chapter, but on this frozen tundra there armour was battered by blizzards and hail turning them white resulting in a change of color om the mk x power armour resulting in a most ghostly look bkending into the environment of the planet which they choose to call there homeworld. the chapter relies upon a mixture of landspeeders and repulsor tech to navigate the land  resulting in a civlian adaption of both the landspeeders and impulsor chasis to become available to the planet. the chapter has  access to some heavier wargear such as repulsors,gladuis and invictor warsuits should they need them, but rely mostly upon land speeders and imoulsers to kove around the battlefield providing support.