Chapter Contest Entry: The Remembered Dead

Core Information

  • Chapter Name: The Remembered Dead
  • Chapter Master Name: Solarus; The Voice of the Dead
  • Battlecry: “Always A Cradle! Never A Grave!”, “REMEMBER THE DEAD!”

Expanded Lore

Origins of The Remembered Dead

In the final years of the 41st millennium humanity is beset on all fronts. Ancient terrors from beneath the sands arise again to conquer a galaxy that once belonged to them. Creatures from the darkest reaches of the void, driven by an insatiable hunger to consume all life and light in the galaxy surround us on all sides. But the greatest terrors and horrors to threaten our beautiful Imperium came from within. Abbadon the self-proclaimed war master of Chaos, son of the arch traitor Horus, has destroyed the Cadian Gate and split the Galaxy in two.

It was in the Cadian Gate during its dying moments that the Northern Knights chapter died. And the Remembered Dead was born.

Like many chapters of the Adeptus Astartes, the Northern Knights answered the call to defend the Gate when Abbadon and this thrice damned traitors struck, the Northern Knights themselves calling the region of space home with their home world of Thur-asa. In a despite bid to save the planet; the entire chapter was deployed to the surface to bolster the defences and final evacuations of the planet.

However, what is a chapter one thousand strong compared to legions. In the final moments of the planet, only a small handful of the Northern Knights remained. Surrounded on all sides by traitors and creatures thought only to inhabit nightmares assailed the warriors until only two remained. Chapter Master Gregorius and company Ancient Solarus.

They say some are born into greatness, they earn it with valour and might. And some have it thrust upon them. Such was the case with Company Ancient Solarus.

Defending one of the last evacuation points on the planet, with ammunition spent, armour cracked and weapons smashed the only thing left for Solarus to wield against the nightmares was the standard of his company, now shattered and brought low. Demons, cultists and traitors alike fell to his fury, plunging the makeshift spear into their hearts. And yet, the warrior was brought low. Soon he would join his brothers in death and would join them at the side of the Emperor. But fate was not done with the warrior and further greatness was to await him.

Before the final transport could leave, the traitors surged forward determined to take the souls of those on board for their dark gods. If something was not done, they would all be lost. With the last of his strength Gregorius hurled Solarus onto the transport, still clutching the standard of his company he urged his Chapter master to come with them. With a sad smile from his leader, his brother, his friend. He told the last of his sons, “Remember us” and threw himself into the masses of mad men and monsters, giving them enough time to escape the planet before its destruction.

Following the destruction of the Cadian Gate and the opening of the Great Rift, the Imperium would be gifted a weapon to fight back against the darkness. Roboute Guilliman, the avenging son returned to the world of the living and with that, the Primaris Space Marines.

Solarus the last of his chapter was brought to the primarch after word of his last stand reached his ears. Solarus was gifted the opportunity to rebuild his chapter and once again bring the Emperor’s fury to the Imperium’s enemies. Inspired by his former master’s final words to him, Solarus declared the Northern Knights dead but not forgotten. And Thus the Remembered Dead was born.


  • Flag ship: Thur-asa’s Vengeance.
  • Recruits taken from The Schola Progenium (Orphans from Dead worlds and Orphans of those that died serving the Imperium)
  • Original Chapter/ home world was destroyed, new chapter master took pride in knowing (like the emperor, humanity, and terra) that his chapter home world was only a cradle for the birth of his chapter. Never a grave.
  • Decorate parts of armour with bones of fallen brothers and names of lost worlds.
  • To honour their dead chapter and chapter master, battle brothers will often decorate armour and openly challenge enemies to harken back to their chapter masters last stand against the hoards of enemies.
  • Close combat and flamers (honour their chapter master being swarmed and living, flamers to burn away those that should be forgotten).
  • Following the Indominus crusade and Guilliman’s rebuilding of his Remembrancer’s and following support of the Primaris, the chapter has doubled their efforts in history, cataloguing and remembering the dead.
  • Chapter formed during Ultima Founding. Late M41/M42.
  • Chapter has gained the attention of the Inquisition due their records of history that the Inquisition would rather be hidden.
  • Original gene-sire is unknown, many of the chapter believe to be sons of Guilliman due to their organisation and codex adherence but rumour has it another forgotten legion who also sought knowledge is their true gene-sires.
  • Chapter Master wields a converted standard banner as a power spear, with his chapter original banner being woven into his cape which dawns his armour.