Chapter Contest Entry: The Vermillion Dogs

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The Vermillion Dogs are a most unusual chapter. Their ethos is one of humility, believing that all who serve the God Emperor on the battlefield are there equals. Indeed, there are multiple reports of members of the Vermillion Dogs wading into heavy fire to save a handful of guardsmen from certain death. This almost foolhardy attitude has meant that the strength of the chapter is almost always lower than Codex standards.


On every recruiting world that the Vermilion Dogs own, when the recruiting ships arrive a summons is sent that every family with a son between the ages of 14 and 18 are to give one of the those children into the induction to become a member of the chapter. This almost always leads to the chapter having an inflated amount of scouts within its ranks.

Notable Battles

  • After a series of precision strikes and quick raids to draw the beast out of position, the main synapse beast of hive fleet Eden (a splinter of the hive fleet Kraken) was laid low by the eighth company “Hound’s teeth.” This resulted in a major push back against the hive fleet’s efforts on the planet.
  • After a series of devastating strikes, two squads of the sixth company “Fangs of Inugami” were forced back but not before inflicting crippling losses on the Dark Eldar’s forces but losing two thirds of the remaining squads in the process.