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Middleditch, Schwartz and a Masterclass in Fiasco

In April, Netflix posted a series of three comedy specials from Thomas Middleditch and Ben Schwartz. These names may be familiar to you. Middleditch is best known for his starring role in the recently-concluded HBO series, Silicon Valley, as well as a slew of other, smaller parts.  Schwartz, meanwhile, is known for roles in Parks… Continue reading Middleditch, Schwartz and a Masterclass in Fiasco

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RPGs are scary – So play Fiasco!

So, you want to get your friends into tabletop roleplay games, but they are hesitant? Easy! Tell them you are going to play Fiasco! Hear me out, I recently ran two games of Fiasco for a table of mostly new players and it went fantastically and I think it may just be the perfect game… Continue reading RPGs are scary – So play Fiasco!

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My Top 5 RPG Publishers

There are so many great publishers out there, putting out a huge number of RPGs and RPG supplements.  The wealth of creativity within the industry is inspiring and today I'm going to pay tribute to my 5 favourite publishers. These rankings are completely subjective and based on my own experience of the products put out… Continue reading My Top 5 RPG Publishers