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Should I Run a Convention Game?

Tabletop Scotland 2019 was a fantastic show. It was the first gaming convention I'd been to with a focus on RPGs and board games, as I'd only really been to wargames/miniatures shows before, such as Carronade, Claymore, and the now-defunct Wappinshaw. I've written previously about how much I enjoyed Tabletop Scotland and won't bother retreading… Continue reading Should I Run a Convention Game?

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Reflections on Tabletop Scotland 2019

This weekend I made the long journey south to Tabletop Scotland.  This is the second year that the show has run, but it's the first time I've attended.  A few people from our local club went along last year and loved it, so I was keen to visit this time.  All in all, from my… Continue reading Reflections on Tabletop Scotland 2019