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The Black Library on Audible

At the tail end of last year, Games Workshop struck a partnership with Audible, adding titles from their Black Library imprint onto the popular audiobook platform.  Now, I'm not going to claim that BL produces great works of literature, but they do produce decent sci-fi with a great, familiar setting.  I've found that they have… Continue reading The Black Library on Audible


John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War Currently Free as eBook at

As a big fan of John Scalzi, I'm very keen to share this one with you.  Tor Books - publishers of fine sci-fi - are currently offering classic Scalzi novel, Old Man's War as their eBook Club pick for June. Old Man's War and the subsequent series of sequels are not my favourite Scalzi books, but they're… Continue reading John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War Currently Free as eBook at


The Horus Heresy @ Humble Bundle

I have an on-again-off-again relationship with Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000.  There are plenty of reasons that anyone might have such a relationship, but something I do like, and which I keep coming back to, is the fiction put out by GW's publishing arm, The Black Library.  One series that garnered BL particular acclaim is the Horus Heresy… Continue reading The Horus Heresy @ Humble Bundle