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Hobby Update 22/07/18: Red Wash Over Pink

There's not been much goin' on this week.  As with last week, I have been visiting family, but I had a lot less hobby time this week. What time I did have was used for painting as I keep on keeping on with my Tzeentch Daemons.  I've not been making quick progress up to now,… Continue reading Hobby Update 22/07/18: Red Wash Over Pink


Games Workshop's Painting Videos

I'm not the strongest painter around.  I can do some of the basics, but I would like to improve and I reckon that the best thing I could do would be to work on my basic techniques and really get those down solidly before trying anything more complex.   To this end, I am finding the… Continue reading Games Workshop's Painting Videos

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Progress on My Hobby Resolutions 2017

With more than half of 2017 now behind us, it's worth taking a look at how those resolutions are coming along.  Although I've been less than active, I've still been doing hobby stuff with gusto.  Let's take a look at the resolutions that I made, with my progress written underneath in red:   2017 Resolution Progress… Continue reading Progress on My Hobby Resolutions 2017

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Painting Board Games

One of the things that originally appealed to me about Board Games was that they represent a singular product.  I'd played miniatures games before, such as Warhammer and Hordes, but the sheer amount of prep work for these games was increasingly offputting.  Board Games represented a play experience which could be used straight out of the box… Continue reading Painting Board Games