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October Hobby Roundup

Following on from my recent post on motivation, I've decided to starting doing these monthly roundups. It's nice to have things to share. Painting and Modeling First and foremost, I worked my way through my second batch of Necrons. The images are below, or you can look at the previous article about them. I'm really… Continue reading October Hobby Roundup

Miniature Games, Painting and Modeling, Tabletop Games

New Year, New(ish) Army: Pestilens

I mentioned in a previous post that one of my goals for the coming year is to get some Skaven done! I've had unpainted Skaven for years and, despite their classic, sprue-grey colour scheme, they saw a fair bit of play in 8th edition, back when I was fielding units of 100 or so Skaven… Continue reading New Year, New(ish) Army: Pestilens