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Review: Warcraft 5E Manual of Monsters

Last year I posted a review of a fan-made PDF offering a 5E conversion for World of Warcraft.  You can go and read the review if you like but, in summary, I loved it.  Now, as I eye up the option of getting a game going with a group online, I've turned to the other… Continue reading Review: Warcraft 5E Manual of Monsters

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Review: Changeling C5 (fan-made)

The 5th edition of Vampire: The Masquerade brought with it a plethora of changes in rules, tone, and art direction.  Of these, the change in art was the hardest for me to swallow but, having now played a fair of this edition, the style does fit the tone.  I've also gotten used it and no… Continue reading Review: Changeling C5 (fan-made)

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Review: Sellswords

Sellswords was recently recommended to me in a comment on this blog (click here to visit the article).  The recommendation was based heavily on my love of Triple Triad, the card game from Squaresoft's Final Fantasy VIII.  I took the recommendation and picked up the game but, as it is very different to Triple Triad,… Continue reading Review: Sellswords