The Dresden Files RPG: Session 5

This week, we returned to our much-delayed Dresden Files Roleplaying Game campaign.  Although the events of the session took place over a relatively short period of in-game time, our play was dense with action and full of laughter.

Last time, we left off in the midst of a fight with a toad-like demon that was proving to be very tough and incredibly strong.  Our group’s wizard, taking a cue from the Dresden Files novels, harnessed some power from the lightning storm and tried to blast the demon.  Unable to control the power of the spell, he instead managed to blast both the demon and the car in which two of his companions were taking shelter.  Our lycanthrope emerged relatively unscathed, but the mortal investigator was badly injured.  The lycanthrope, perfectly capturing his ‘Protector’ aspect, left the encounter, dragging her to safety and finding help.

Back in the actual fight, the wizard spent five or six turns gathering more power from the storm, intending to develop a crushing blow to the demon and destroy him once and for all.  As the wizard gathered his power, the group expert of artefacts pulled out a pistol and started firing on the demon.  most bullets seemed ineffective, but one lucky shot did hit home and cause a bit of damage, causing the demon to focus his attention firmly on the expert.  With the demon distracted, the kinetomancer tried to throw objects at it.  A lamppost was ineffective, with the demon shrugging off the attack.  He then tried to throw a car at the demon.  He managed to gather a significant amount of power into his spell, but was ultimately unable to control the spell, sending the car hurtling uncontrollably.  The car ended up striking both the kinetomancer and the demon, damaging both and significantly injuring the kinetomancer’s leg.  The demon turned on the weakened and prone kinetomancer, savaging his already damaged leg and succeeded in rendering it dead and useless.

In a rage, before passing out, the kinetomancer unleashed one final spell – a raw expression of force that, thanks to come incredibly lucky rolls, tore the demon apart from the inside, out.  The demon was destroyed, but the injuries suffered were significant.  There was also the small issue of the power – now unused – gathered by the wizard.  He was forced to let it out, further damaging himself and his already traumatised comrades.  The wizard’s familiar found this course of events to be extremely amusing.


In the aftermath of the fight, the players took time to recover, and even crafted a fine wooden leg for the kinetomancer.  This was no ordinary leg, as it doubled as a short staff for the kinetomancer, who could now focus his spells through his leg.  This was a bit bizarre, but I really like it, so I allowed it.

As the companions regrouped and recuperated, we also dealt with the various personal milestones that characters had achieved over the course of the campaign, dealing with character progression before heading into next week’s session, which I expect to be the final session.  I hope that it is climactic and that I can make it interesting for the players who have already read the book on which this campaign is based.

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