Bundle of Holding: Indie Cornucopia 7

I like it when Bundle of Holding do their Indie Bundles.  They always lead to me finding some cool, new games.  Unlike many of the previous Indie Cornucopia bundles, I’m actually aware of and even own some of these titles!  Let’s take a look.

The first tier of the bundle costs $12.95 and gets you three games:

I do enjoy the Gumshoe system, as used in Trail of Cthulhu.  Bubblegumshoe is Evil Hat’s implementation of this system and one that sits behind me on my own shelves.  This is the only title in this tier that I’m already familiar with.  It’s got that whole teenage detective agency feel, like Scooby Doo, Nancy Drew, etc.

Five Torches Deep is a unique mix of 5E D&D and OSR.  Reading about the game, there are a couple of mechanical points that sound really interesting.  The idea of volatile spellcasting, whereby you can cast a spell quickly, but with risk, or in a slower, more deliberate way over a very considerable length of time.  I also like the idea of making wilderness travel meaningful.  Character resilience is a factor and this, along with the distance and terrain type has an impact on the amount of resources consumed on the journey.  There’s a lot more to the game, but these are a couple of things that jumped out at me whilst reading descriptions of the game.

SIGMATA is an overtly political games, describing itself as “A tabletop role-playing game about ethical insurgency against a fascist regime, taking place in a dystopian vision of 1980s America.”  I like the idea of the resistance group led by these superheroes, empowered by a signal.  When in range of the signal, these individuals are very powerful and will fight back against the fascists who have taken control.  I love the art style of this game, too:

sigmata art 1

All in all, a pretty good tier, yeah?  Certainly, these are three very difficult, very interesting games.

The second tier is priced on a threshold that, at the time of writing, is sitting at $25.26  For this sum you will get everything from the first tier, along with the following four items:

Blades in the Dark seems to have been a huge success and it gets a lot of coverage.  It sees the players take on the roles of a crew of aspiring scoundrels, competing for profit, status, and glory on the mean streets.  I’ve been tempted by the sci-fi version of the game, Scum and Villainy, but have just not quite pulled the trigger on either game as of yet.

I’ve had a flip through the Kids on Bikes book and I’ve seen a fair bit of coverage of the game.  It seems really good, but I’ve not played it, not read it in any real depth.  It’s got the feeling of an 80s movie about it, and I really like the collaborative approach to establishing the world around the characters.  Character creation seems really interesting too, with it being based on tropes which can then be tweaked.  It seems to be a fun, rules-light RPG.

Any game where you begin in a shallow grave is going to seem a little grim.  Alas Vegas is one such game.  The game is described thusly: “You wake in a shallow grave in the desert. It’s night. You have no memory of how you got here, or who you are, or the location of your clothes. A scar of neon in the shape of a city squats on the horizon. There are answers there. And trouble.”  With a clear, four-session structure, Alas Vegas is supposed to play like an HBO miniseries and has the unique feature of having players start with a rather sparse character sheet which is elaborated as your character’s memories return.  It seems interesting and I love the tone it’s trying to strike.

A game of monster hunting, Imp of the Perverse is set in 1830s America and draws influence from the works of Poe and others.  This game sees the players trying to literally break free of their demons by hunting down monsters who have succumbed to their own ones.  This is probably the book I’m looking most forward to reading, as I like both the setting and the core ideas behind the game.

All in all, this is a good bundle.  There doesn’t seem to be a dud among the games and there are some, like Imp of the Perverse, that I’m really looking forward to reading.  As usual, some of the proceeds of this bundle will go towards a good cause.  In this case, it’ll go towards the DOTSrpg project, an effort to bring tabletop gaming to the visually impaired.

If you’re interested in checking out the possibly picking up this bundle, as I did, then you can click here to visit the bundle page.  Roll on Indie Cornucopia 8!

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