Thoughts on My First Game of AoS 3

This week, I had my first game of the latest edition of Age of Sigmar. It was also my first game with my Gloomspite Gitz and my opponent’s first game with his Sylvaneth. When it comes to the new edition, my opponent and I noticed some pretty big differences.

First of all, let me share my list. I went with a Gloomspite spiders list. There were two main reasons for this. The first was that I didn’t want to pack up the Troggoths and Squigs that I was working on painting, and I also wanted to be able to field a couple of monsters to try out the new monster rules. So, yeah, unpainted spiders!

Allegiance: Gloomspite Gitz
– Option: Grimscuttle Tribes
– Grand Strategy: Beast Master
– Triumphs:

Webspinner Shaman on Arachnarok Spider (295) in Battle Regiment
 Artefact: Shyishan Spider-sigils
 Lore of the Spiderfangs: Gift of da Spider God
Madcap Shaman (80) in Battle Regiment
 Lore of the Moonclans: Itchy Nuisance

10 x Spider Riders (200) in Battle Regiment
 Reinforced x 1
10 x Spider Riders (200) in Battle Regiment
 Reinforced x 1

Arachnarok Spider with Spiderfang Warparty (225) in Battle Regiment

Core Battalions
Battle Regiment

Total: 1000 / 1000
Reinforced Units: 2 / 2
Allies: 0 / 200
Wounds: 72

It’s not the most exciting list, and I realise that I made a couple of mistakes. For one, I really should have taken the Scuttleboss. As much as his giant spider was a complete pain in the are to build, I think he’d have been a great addition to this force. For one, he has a good command ability, and command abilities are so important.

I think that the new core battalions are… fine. They’re bland, though. They’re a lot less interesting than the old ones. I get that part of the reason to reform battalions was to make things fairer, but I think that the Battle Regiment will become the standard battalion, entirely because of its purpose of reducing the number of drops in your deployment.

When it came to actual game itself, I slightly regret not taking more pictures. My army was sprue grey, but my opponent had a gorgeous army and he has also painted up some really stunning terrain. Here’s the one picture that I have, because he took it:

This was taken quite far into the game when my cumulative errors, unlucky dice, and my opponent’s Dryad-summoning shenanigans had already ensured my loss.

I didn’t take notes either, so I’m really just going to bullet point some observations from my first game of AoS 3, my first game with the Gloomspite, and my first game against Sylvaneth since first edition…

  1. Battle Tactics is a cool idea that forces you to focus on specific tasks each turn. In future, I’ll need to consider these more fully in list construction and deployment.
    1. My opponent was in the frustrating position of taking down my general (also a monster) on a turn where he has chosen to neither kill a character nor a monster for his battle tactic. This, I suppose, is “good” for me… It demonstrates the need to planning.
    2. You really do need monsters or suitably aggressive casters in order to ensure you have monsters on hand to maximise the VP yield from Battle Tactics.
  2. Grand Strategies require forethough.
    1. My opponent chose to protect his caster for his Grand Strategy. He therefore kept a caster back in relative safety, buffing his dudes and summoning Dryads. Smart.
    2. I chose to have monsters left on the table. I only had two monsters, both of which were big targets, and my only really heavy hitters. They had to get into the think of it to ensure that I could compete at all, and were therefore hugely at risk. This was a poor choice for me. Arachnaroks are fun, but 14 wounds can disappear pretty quickly.
  3. The new monster actions are pretty cool.
  4. Summoning a unit of Dryads per turn in a 1,000 points game is just ridiculously good. God damn.
  5. The Bad Moon isn’t actually that complicated and I’m not sure why people seem to struggle with it. My only real error with it was forgetting to use it to attempt some mortal wounds.
  6. The Loonshrine is a lot of fun. Bringing back half of my dead unit of Spider Riders? Satisfying!
  7. Failing a charge can be a pretty major turning point.
  8. Never doubt the ability of a Madcap Shaman to make as many 6+ saves as required to act as an effective speedbump.
  9. Dear god, that’s a beautiful Sylvaneth army…

And the single biggest takeaway? There’s a lot more bookkeeping in this edition. I’m going to have to find or put together some summary sheets to cut down on the amount of rules referencing that we had to do.

It was also notable that there wasn’t a huge, central blob of models chipping away at each other over several turns. This was a complaint I had previously about AoS and I hope that we’re going to see a lot less of it going forward.

The final score was 20 to 12 when we stopped at the end of turn 3 (by which point I had no hope!) and added on my opponent’s completed Grand Strategy. I enjoyed the game, but I feel that I was slightly hampered by picking an uninteresting and perhaps slightly dated list. Next time, I’m looking forward to fielding some Squigs.

Well, next time I play any sort of Warhammer, I think I’m going to be fielding my Necrons for the first time, but certainly Squigs will see a return when I get back to Age of Sigmar!


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