Chapter Contest Entry: Mortem Spectres

Core Information

  • Chapter Name: Mortem Spectres
  • Chapter Symbol: Hooded Skull.
  • Gene-seed: Unknown
  • Chapter Master Name: Chapter Master Artorias
  • Codex Adherent: Not Codex adherent, they do not use any psykers in their Chapter due to its close links to the Warp.
  • Favoured Tactics: Favoured Tactics: The Mortem Spectres do not employ stealth and prefer to meet their enemy head on, they prefer melee combat and they train significantly more assault intercessors than any other chapter. They are renown for their martial prowess..
  • Chapter Traits: Black Templars – Righteous Zeal
  • Battlecry: We are the watchers of the Warp and by our blades we slay the daemon
  • History / Interesting Information: The Mortem Spectres have a hatred for creatures of the warp and it is their duty to face these abominations, they believe that warp taints the soul and because of that they do not use Psykers and have a resentment towards them. They do not have a home planet but have a capital ship called “Spectres Rest”. They are a secretive chapter and they rarely work with other chapters unless the situation is dire. The Mortem Spectres can usually be found combating Chaos Daemons and Tyranids. The Mortem Spectres lost half their bothers in a battle against Chaos Daemons on a planet that was in the middle of a Warp Storm but their sacrifice ensured the spread of Chaos was halted..