Chapter Contest Entry: The Light Vultures

Core Information

  • Chapter Name: Light Vultures
  • Chapter Symbol: See Image Above. This symbol with the lights behind it.
  • Gene-seed: Space Wolves
  • Chapter Master Name: Dralaris Phonitan
  • Codex Adherent: No
  • Favoured Tactics: They favour the use of high energy like meltas, plasmas and lascannon.
  • Chapter Traits: Preferred Enemy: Heretic Astartes, Rapid Assault
  • Battlecry: Set them alight!
  • History / Interesting Information: Usually deployed to areas with heavy heretic astartes as the Light Vultures wish to take what little light they have left. When they complete a campaign, they embellish their glossy armour with a star to show the light they have brought back to the universe, so each individuals armour is unique to them. Their home world is called Aureole, where it is always light due to the systems binary stars.