2,000+ Points of Sons of Behemat Completed

At the end of January, I managed to finish up the first project of 2022, and first of my hobby goals for the year. Over the course of the month, I painted a little over 2,000 points of Gargants.

Well, it feels a little bit cheeky saying that I did a whole 2,000 point army, given that it only takes 6 models to actually hit that target. Then again, each of them took a lot longer than a smaller miniature would normally take. I guess it balances out. The only miniature that I had already painted from this lot is Kragnos. I painted him when he was really terrible in-game and am now feeling pretty smug about it.

I have a couple more Gargants that I will do at some point, but my goal was to get a usable list finished up. As such, I painted the 3 Mega Gargants and 3 Mancrushers that I needed for a Stomper Tribes list. I also did one extra Mancrusher because I had him to hand, and I also did Kragnos. I expect to get more use out of Kraggy in other armies, but when I bought him it was with the intention of using him with the Sons.

Here’s the rough list I was following:

Allegiance: Sons of Behemat
– Tribe: Stomper Tribe
– Grand Strategy: Beast Master
– Triumphs: Inspired

Warstomper Mega-Gargant (470)*
 Command Trait: Old and Gnarly
 Artefact: Ironweld Cestus
Kraken-eater Mega-Gargant (490)**
Warstomper Mega-Gargant (470)*
 Artefact: Mantle of the Destroyer

1 x Mancrusher Gargants (170)**
1 x Mancrusher Gargants (170)**
1 x Mancrusher Gargants (170)**

Core Battalions
*Bosses of the Stomp – Magnificent
**Footsloggas – Unified

Total: 1940 / 2000
Reinforced Units: 0 / 4
Allies: 0 / 400
Wounds: 141
Drops: 3

Fun. I’m looking forward to getting this to the table, but 2,000 point games seem to be a bit thin on the ground around here at the moment. Will have to see what I can rustle up.

So, then, the final model that I completed for this list, and the only one that was not already shown somewhere on this blog, is my Kraken Eater. Here he is:

I’ve also taken better pictures of the rest of the army and have added them to my Sons of Behemat gallery page. Go have a look. I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out.

So what’s the next project?

Finish the Troggoths!


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