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Top 50 Games of 2018 (40-31)

Welcome to our top 50 games list for 2018, in which I list my personal top 50 games at this point in time.  My choices are not limited to games from this calendar year, but instead, represent my current thoughts on the top 50 games to me.  Next year, some of the games featured may… Continue reading Top 50 Games of 2018 (40-31)

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Top 50 Games 2016 (20-11)

Oh hey, look, we're into the top 20!  Woo and yay, we're getting to the really great stuff, now!  Feel free to go and read parts 1, 2 and 3 first, if you have not already.  Once that's done, you can proceed and take a little look at numbers 20 through 11 of my top… Continue reading Top 50 Games 2016 (20-11)