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Bundle of Holding: Delta Green

Most of the Cthulhu mythos material out there is set during or often before the early 20th century.  In the past few years, we've seen some sources bring this mythos into the modern day.  My favourite of these updates is The Laundry Files series by Charles Stross, but another interesting one is the Delta Green… Continue reading Bundle of Holding: Delta Green

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Hobby Update 17/06/18: All the Dungeons, All the Dragons

It's been a roleplay-heavy week, this one.  Rest assured, that is most definitely not a complaint!  Specifically, I've been to two games of Dungeons & Dragons with two different groups. First up was a group that has only recently formed.  Indeed, this was only our second meeting, but we're starting to along very well.  I've made… Continue reading Hobby Update 17/06/18: All the Dungeons, All the Dragons

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Hobby Update 10/06/18: In Service of Blibdoolpoolp

This week started out with me meeting a new group of Dungeons & Dragons players and starting a new game with them.  I found this group on Facebook as they were looking to get going.  I'm usually nervous about meeting new people, but I'm very glad I went along to this as I really enjoyed… Continue reading Hobby Update 10/06/18: In Service of Blibdoolpoolp

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Bundle of Holding: Lots of Gumshoe

Mystery is a crucial part of many RPG campaigns, but there are some fundamental issues with the structures of some of these campaigns.  It's great when players find, identify and interpret clues, but they don't always find them, and a couple such misses can leave a mystery unsolvable.  I mean, this can be overcome by… Continue reading Bundle of Holding: Lots of Gumshoe

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Bundle of Holding: Mindjammer

I'm still looking for the sci-fi RPG that fits me just right, giving me a good system that can be really flexible and gives an interesting setting that both gives a good jumping-off point for stories, but doesn't constrict with an existing and expansive IP.  This latter point, on not being bogged down with a… Continue reading Bundle of Holding: Mindjammer


Bundle of Holding: Paranoia Classic

So far, I've done Top 50 rankings for two years.  Paranoia appeared in both sets, at number 21 in 2016 and then an even more respectable number 2 in 2017.  So, yeah, needless to say, I really like this game. Paranoia feels unique.  It is often described as a cross between 1984 and Monty Python… Continue reading Bundle of Holding: Paranoia Classic

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5 on Friday: 20/04/18

It’s Saturday, and here on No Rerolls that means we missed the boat on this week's 5 on Friday.  So we're doing it on Saturday instead!  We're going to start with 5 exciting releases for this week before moving on to our usual digest of some of our favourite articles from the past week.  Of course, we’re… Continue reading 5 on Friday: 20/04/18


2 Deadlands Bundles from Bundle of Holding

About three years ago, Bundle of Holding did a bundle of classic Deadlands material.  Now, they're trotting the franchise back out with two bundles dedicated to Deadlands Reloaded, Pinnacle's reimplementation of the Deadlands setting using the Savage Worlds system.  I have the Savage Worlds core book and it seems interesting and flexible, but I've yet… Continue reading 2 Deadlands Bundles from Bundle of Holding


Fantasy AGE @ Bundle of Holding

It's been a while since we last covered a bundle on here.  Not many have really caught my eye, I guess.  Today, though, there's this lovely offering from Bundle of Holding and Green Ronin Publishing.  This bundle covers Green Ronin's Fantasy AGE and Dragon's Age games: As usual, there are two tiers.  The first tier costs… Continue reading Fantasy AGE @ Bundle of Holding

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A World Unexplored: The Discworld

I am a huge fan of Terry Pratchett's Discworld series of novels.  It was introduced to me by a friend in secondary school. And my first book was Hogfather.  I have since read every book in the series, seen all of the TV adaptions, read the graphic novels, listened to the audiobooks, perused the maps,… Continue reading A World Unexplored: The Discworld