Triple Triad Realms: Showcase of Classic Templates and Cards

I have made a few sets of Triple Triad templates, and I have seen some nice work from others, but by far the best set of templates I have even seen are the Triple Triad Realms set by Kas.  TTR was intended to mix Triple Triad with RPG elements to create a new, slightly different game.


Kas also put together some very pretty card backs.  There were two different designs, with each showcasing the faction symbols.  The only difference between designs is in the colour palette:

In terms of the cards, several new concepts were introduced, such as the ‘X’ value (if memory serves, whilst the ‘A’ represents a 10, the ‘X’ represented something like 100).  Another interesting numerical addition was the inclusion of a ½ value.  These additions would certainly make Same and Plus more challenging!  The selection of backgrounds included alternative colours (green/orange) for limited editions or ‘promo’ cards and an alternative colour (purple) for cards that do not change colour when they change ownership.

The borders are quite gorgeous too, with an alternating black/white or red/white pattern for lower levels.  For upper levels, the border consists of an intricate metallic-on-black pattern that starts off as a simple box and advances to include built-up, gemmed corners at higher levels.  Finally, the highest level sees the same intricate pattern, but now with elaborate lattice-work expanding out from two of the corners.  This last template can be a little limiting in terms of what art can be used, but it nevertheless beautiful.

The game does not feature elements as we know them from the standard templates, but instead features faction symbols, showing the loyalties of each card as they relate to the intended factions that would have featured in the finished game.

I had a go at playing around with the templates several years ago and put together the following cards:

It was a pleasure to use these templates and I’m happy with my little experiments, but nothing beats the original cards by Kas.  Here are the sample cards that he put out about 15 years ago:


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