The Dresden Files RPG: Session 1

Last night, my group started their first session of The Dresden Files Roleplaying Game.  This was my, and their, first time using the Fate system, and I think it went reasonably well.


In this session, we created the characters that make up the investigative agence, Unspeakable Investigations Ltd.  The group is made up of two Pure Mortals (a gumshoe detective and a dealer in artifacts), a Wizard who likes to tinker with arcane devices, a thieving kinetomancer (Focused Practitioner) and a surly Lycanthrope.  This took most of the time we had.

I really like the simple way that the Fate system deals with character creation.  I particularly love how Aspects work to really help define a character.  The example Aspects from the Our World book really helped us devise our own ones.


We got about an hour and a half of actual play in, once character creation was complete.  My group is not familiar with the Dresden Files series, so I’m basing this first adventure largely on elements of the book series – particularly the first book, Storm Front.  I’m really counting on them to behave and not read the book, so as not to spoil the mystery.  I love the mystery in Storm Front and am really looking forward to getting into the story in the coming weeks.

Dresden Files

Thus far, the agency have acquired two clients, conducted one interview, inspected one crime scene and been intimidated by one mob boss.  We got to use a few different skills and really start trying out the core of the Fate system.  One player also used Fate Points, so we got to try out that mechanism.  The system seems flexible, robust and reasonably straightforward.  So far, I am impressed.

Dresden TV

Going forward, I’m excited to see where the group goes.  I’m using the broad plot of Storm Front, but am prepared to expand on the scope of the novel to reflect the decisions of the party and the more ensemble nature of the cast.

It’s great to be running a game again!


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