The Dresden Files RPG: Session 2

Last Thursday, my RPG group had our second session with The Dresden Files Roleplaying Game.  Whereas the first session (described in this post) consisted mainly of character creation, the second session had a lot more gameplay.



The group continued their investigations into a gruesome murder which may or may not have been committed with magic, a drug ring that is distributing a drug with seemingly supernatural origins and a missing person case.  The group explored their client’s lakehouse, visited a mob-run bar, frequented Big Pedro’s American-Samoan pizza place and bought drugs.


Other than some excellent investigation and some wonderful social interplay, one of the real highlights for me was when our tinkering, experimental wizard tested the drugs that his apprentice had purchased on the group’s lycanthrope.  Whilst the drug had little effect on group members with magical prowess and a functioning third eye, the effects on the relatively mundane lycanthrope were significantly more dramatic and, to put it mildly, traumatic.


The session ended on a fight as a magical trinket came to life in the form of an ever-growing, toxic-blooded scorpion that proceeded the trash the group’s store and slash one of the players.  The kinetomancer of the group intervened and managed to summon a powerful, but uncontrolled spell, destroying the floor of the shop and sending the scorpion and the players falling into the basement.  That is where we ended the session.  I look forward to picking up from our dramatic cliffhanger.


As an aside, I put in an order this weekend for the latest book in the The Dresden Files Roleplaying Game range, The Paranet Papers.  Whether or not I use it in this current game, I can at least be sure it will be a fantastic book, like the rest of the books for this game.

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