The Dresden Files RPG: Session 3

The third session of our The Dresden Files Roleplaying Game campaign deviated slightly from my expectations.  We continue to follow the rough events of the first novel, Storm Front:


This Thursday’s session started off where the last one left off, with our heroes tumbling through a collapsing floor… or did they?  In the end, two players managed to save themselves, with one other player sustaining some minor injuries and a further player badly twisting his ankle.  The fall did also kill the giant scorpion-like construct that was assaulting them.

The group then continued with their investigations, encountering the Faerie, Toot-Toot, and the vampire, Bianca St. Claire.


The Bianca encounter was very interesting, with a lot of very cagey dialogue and veiled (and not so veiled) threats.  Our wizard went into the vampire’s chambers unarmed, with his staff conficated.  What he did have, however, was a hankie full of sunshine, which he threw in Bianca’s face when threatened.

The wizard also tried his hand at some crafting, under the tutelage of his familiar, an air spirit called jangles, bound to a clapping monkey toy.


He failed.

Again, I’m loving running this game.  The group are homing in on some major clues and revelations, and I really hope that we can sustain the wonderful momentum we’ve built up.


I am particularly looking forward to the opportunity to bring back in my favourite NPC, Big Pedro of Big Pedro’s American Samoan Pizza Place.  He’s a star.

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