Welcome to No Rerolls


Welcome to No Rerolls, a collaborative group blog revolving primary around RPGs and Board Games, but also touching on other areas of geekery, such as books, films, TV and the like.

At the time of writing, No Rerolls consists of three writers, each of whom will write on areas of their own particular interest.  In the coming weeks and months, we are looking to establish a fixed, sustainable schedule for posting content.  Ours writers have varying degrees of blogging experience, with some maintaining personal blogs, and others who are new to blogging but have written in other mediums.  We are also very much open to taking on more writers who have contributions to make.  If you have an interest in any area that might be considered ‘geeky’ and fancy committing your words to digital type, then get in touch and we would be happy to read some of your ideas.

We do have plans for the site, but equally, we are looking to experiment and try out different styles, formats and ideas.  We might, in addition to putting out posts about the games and media that we love, try our hands at streaming, recording podcasts, putting together adventure modules and other endeavours, just to see what sticks.

I don’t have a lot more to say at the moment, so I will leave it at that and merely say that I’m excited to get started and I look forward to each writer introducing themselves over time and seeing what sort of content we can generate together on No Rerolls.

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